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Dear Members,
There has been number of queries from the Members of the Society during last few days regarding various issues and they desire that those queries be suitably answered. Therefore, all the issues are being taken up so that the members become clear in their mind. The members have shown overwhelming response and shown their eagerness to become member of the Society,which prompted us to get “Neelkanth Mahadev Welfare Society” registered under the Societies Registration Act-1860 so that after purchasing the land from the market, the Society may participate in the Land Pooling Policy under MPD 2021.

The Members wish to know as to whether the Society is similar to Societies
registered under the Societies Registration Act. In this regard, we have already clarified that “Neelkanth Mahadev Welfare Society” is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, New Delhi District. It cannot be treated as a Cooperative Society since the Cooperative Society is required to be registered under Delhi Cooperative Societies Act , 2003 in the office of Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

The Aims and Objective and bye-laws of our Society are duly registered which permit us to acquire land and take up the housing project so as to provide low cost housing for its members and as a welfare activity. The society is working for the welfare of its members. It must also be taken in to notice that it is the objective of a Society which maters not the name or the title.

Members have also desired to know the operational philosophy of the society. In this regard it is clarified that this being a welfare society, shall function on the basis of „No Profit No Loss‟ and shall run in the interest and welfare of its members. On behalf of “The Managing Committee” we wish to assure every member that full transparency in the working of the Society shall be maintained.

There has been queries as to whether there will be any kind of collaboration with land owners, builder, financer, investor or developing agency in partnership with Society. This is very important question. Finally, the environment in society after/before each member occupies his/her flat will depend on such collaborators. In this regard we wish to clarify that we will not enter into any such collaboration. We all understand that such kind of involvement may have huge influence and risk to the welfare motive of the society in future. We believe that we are contributing from our hard earned money and our society cannot be exposed to such huge risk for the sake of some convenience or gain at the initial stage. MC is formed mainly from the group of EIL employees and shall always protect interest of its members.

What will be the expected location of land to be acquired by the Society is also the question being frequently asked. Please recall that in our earlier correspondence we have confirmed that on the demand of all members of the society, it was decided to acquire land in „L‟ zone which is extension of Dwarka. The Managing Committee has identified the land in zone „L‟ only but further progress in the matter would take place only after receiving payment of first installment from the members because then only the Managing Committee shall be able to finally proceed for acquiring land. The M.C. is focusing in the area of village Asalapur, Hasanpur, Daulatpur, Khar Khari, Khera Dabar and Ujjwa and final decision will be taken only after consulting the members and taking into consideration the price of land. We shall succeed in restricting the cost of the project only if we purchase land at competitive cost.We have already given the tentative cost of the project in our earlier correspondence i.e. somewhere between Rs. 3200 to 3500 / – per sq.ft. out of which Rs. 1100/ per sft is towards cost of land.

We have issued the schedule of consolidated demand letter and demanded the cost of land in three installments and it is desired that members should pay their installment in time for earlier acquisition of the land. It has also been made clear that those members only who pay the dues towards land cost shall only be eligible for share holder in the land and dwelling units constructed therein. So far 450 members have been enrolled who have paid their admission fee and have become member of society. We are getting cheques towards cost of land from members every day and response is encouraging.

There have been queries from the members about availing loan at this stage. The Managing Committee has discussed the issue with Bankers and banks have agreed to provide personal loan to the members. The members desiring to avail personal loan to pay their contribution towards of cost of land may contact HDFC Bank, Bhikaji Cama Place, RK Puram , New Delhi.

Further , we have also opened a new Current Account with HDFC Bank, Bhikaji Cama place, New Delhi, from where we have already received Loan Offer (refer website) in addition to our earlier account with Corporation bank and State Bank of Travancore.

Account no : 50200003684735
IFSC / RTGS / NEFT Code : HDFC0000678
Branch address : LG – 10 , 11 & 12. Ansal Chamber 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi – 110066

For any kind of queries and assistance , you can always contact us in the below mentioned branch officials .

1. Ravi Singh ( Relationship Manager ) , Contact no : 8595351339, Mail id :Ravil.singh@hdfcbank.com
3. Rajnish Kumar ( Asst Br Manager ) , Contact no : 9350874069 , Mail id : rajnishb.kumar@hdfcbank.com
2. Surajit Baruah ( Branch Manager ) , Contact no :9818764626 , Mail id : surajit.baruah@hdfcbank.com

It is further clarified that all matters relating to administration and management of the society shall be decided by the Managing Committee in accordance with law and by taking into consideration the interest of the members at large.

Refer the society website http://neelkanthmahadevsociety.com (Under construction & updations) for further information. You may interact with your queries from the site itself.

We welcome the queries of the members and assure you that we shall work in harmony and for the welfare of the members as a whole. Your creative question/query will refine our way of working.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely
(Mahesh kumar / Sudhir Sharma)
President /General Secretary